Cohesion: Onboarding innovation to improve knowledge sharing in the workplace 2023

August 10, 2023

Efficient knowledge sharing has been one of the toughest challenges Organizations face constantly. The scope for organizational development through shared knowledge is enormous. This sharing of knowledge will need to happen non-stop and across different levels and at various points of engagement.

With our research, we were able to identify the first step where this sharing starts; Employee Onboarding. Surprisingly only 12% of the employees are satisfied with their experience. And there is a 45% chance of new employees dropping out in the first 3 months if they don’t feel valued, costing huge expenses for the company.

To avoid this and to deliver a unique preboarding experience we are combining cutting-edge virtual reality technology with personalized, interactive, and immersive experiences to develop COHESION.
Cohesion addresses the challenges of traditional onboarding methods, offering an engaging and integrated solution that reduces time and enhances productivity. The interactive pre-boarding experience fosters a stronger sense of connection to the company and colleagues, leading to better performance and higher engagement. An ideal solution for organizations of all sizes, Cohesion is scalable and cost-effective to establish connections before day one. Cohesion lies at the cross-section of virtual reality technology and applications, employee onboarding solutions, and knowledge management software.

As we develop our concept, we aspire to actively test it live with a pilot launch soon. We would love to collaborate with teams and individuals who share our passion, excitement, and curiosity for future leaders by sharing knowledge.


Studio Instructor
Brett Barndt

Simone Chen
Vinay Pandurangappa
Thita Tunlayadechanont
Ines Wu