Alexa Together Care Coordination 2023

April 2, 2024

Alexa Together Care Coordination

Amazon recognizes the challenges of ageing in place and the increasing responsibilities falling on families and individuals to care for their older loved ones. Research shows that caregivers often face burnout, highlighting the need for innovative solutions. In response, Amazon introduced Alexa Together, a premium remote caregiving service feature.

While initially targeting care recipients living alone, we identified an emerging living configuration that could benefit from collaborative caregiving. By promoting shared responsibilities, caregivers in multi-generational families can care for themselves while delivering better care to the care recipient. With 24/7 urgent response and remote assistance, Amazon empowers caregivers, revolutionizing ageing alongside technology at home.

Studio Instructor

Sareeta Amrute

Strategic Designers

Shreyans Atul Baid
Petek Basibuyuk
Saskia Aryono.