Amazon Circle 2023

May 4, 2024

Amazon Circle
Aging With Technology Sustainably

Amazon Circle is a highly convenient loyalty rewards program designed to encourage users to recycle their old electronic devices in exchange for valuable credits. These credits not only foster long-term customer relationships but also contribute to sustainable aging with technology.

Redeemable credits offer a range of benefits, including discounts on Climate Pledge Friendly products, gift cards, and exclusive offers.

We addressed common customer pain points such as lack of awareness, appraisal frustration, and insufficient incentives by:

1. Timing nudges effectively: Capitalizing on the excitement of a new purchase and intervening at strategic moments.
2. Implementing a credits program: Assigning predetermined credits specifically for recycling purposes to each device.
3. Offering a tiered loyalty program: Motivating customers with progressively rewarding incentives.

Studio Instructor

Sareeta Amrute

Strategic Designers

Sana Karnawat
Irmak Senyurt
Lucia Jaramillo
Sanya Parnami