Top Fives in New York – Jennifer Rittner

By: Jennifer Rittner
October 21, 2022


Image Design by Claire Yuan Zhuang (SDM’23)

“Top Five in New York” of this week is by Jennifer Rittner, MS SDM Assistant Professor.


  1. Visit the Seneca Village site in Central Park and learn about the history of the free Black homeowners community that lived there in the mid-19th century (and why it’s no longer there).
  2. Explore Harlem by visiting the The Studio Museum in Harlem; and afterward take in lunch or dinner at the Red Rooster or Sylvia’s en route to the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture.
  3. Take NJ Transit to Newark to take in the sights and savor the foods of the Ironbound District’s Iberia-Brazilian residents.
  4. Witness the daylighting project at Tibbetts Brook Park in the Bronx; and learn more about the Tibbetts Estuary Tapestry: A Community Embroidery Artist Project. 
  5. Sign up for a Soul Gardens workshop in the gardens cultivated by the Outer Seeds Shadow Project at the Marble Hill Houses in the Bronx.