Top Fives in New York – Edward Cardimona

By: Edward Cardimona
October 18, 2022


Image Design by Claire Yuan Zhuang

Starting from October 5, 2022, “Top Five in New York” is a new section from the School of Design Strategies (SDS) community. It is a list of things to do and see in New York. This week’s list is by Edward Cardimona.


  1. Experience the priceless Jose Orozco Murals on the walls of our own The New School, 12th street building.
  2. Sip a Manhattan at Ratner’s Back Room, one of the few speak-easy still operating in NYC.
  3. Take a behind the scenes tour of the Henry R Luce Center at the Met Museum of Art.
  4. Have a spiked cider at Rolfs on 3rd Ave during the Christmas Holiday.
  5. See the Wizard of Oz outdoor in Hudson Yards on Oct 13th.