Jorat: An exhibition for Iranian artists Co-Organized by Emilia Sandoghdar (SDM ’23)

January 18, 2023


Two young Iranian women, Anahita S. And Emilia S., are organizing an exhibition featuring a diverse array of Iranian artists to show Solidarity with the courageous Iranians standing up for their rights.

The exhibition will take place from February 6th-11th, 2023 at Espacio Gallery in London. The event is empowered by, a venture by Roxanna Zarnegar, Part-Time Assistant Professor at Parsons School of Design. Roxanna has been a mentor for Emilia and Anahita during the exhibition planning process. The visual design of the event is created by Reem Alwajeeh (SDM ’23).

Jorat London can be contacted through Instagram and their website.