Job Opportunity: Design & Research Assistant @ Dalberg Design

May 5, 2022
Dalberg Design’s New York studio is looking for 2-3 spanish speaking Designers and Researchers who can support their growing pipeline of projects in the US and LATAM.
Please note that there are several opportunities that they are hiring for, but have only formally posted this one! If there’s a general interest in working with Dalberg Design in the Americas

The role

Dalberg Design’s New York studio and Mexico City office are currently partnering with The Nature Conservancy and FINDECA to understand the barriers and needs smallholder producers face when adopting regenerative practices, and identify opportunities for financial products and services that can enable and support their transition journey. They are seeking your help to assist in identifying and recruiting research participants, overseeing the scheduling and logistics of research sessions, maintaining on-going communication with participants, and assisting with additional design and research support tasks as needed. The immediate role is intended for a short-term contractor, but it may grow to encompass support for our longer-term pipeline of projects in the region.

Dalberg Design

Dalberg Design is the only design studio embedded within a strategic consultancy purely focused on social impact. They collaborate with their Dalberg partners to extend the reach of human-centered design into the realms of policy, market ecosystems, and cross-sector partnerships, as well as program, product, and service development. Dalberg Design teams work worldwide, creating a network of local experiences anchored in our 5 studios – Dakar, London, Mumbai, Nairobi, and New York – and Dalberg’s offices in Africa, Latin America, North America, Europe, and Asia. They use creative facilitation and the participatory design process to address inequities and drive positive social change with – not for – the communities they serve.


Minimum qualifications

  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal abilities

  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Familiarity with planning and executing user research
  • Experience conducting and/or supporting qualitative research
  • Fluency in Spanish speaking and writing

Preferred qualifications

  • Experience with recruitment, planning and coordination of qualitative user research (1:1 interviews and focus group discussions)

  • Familiarity with prototyping of product/services and participatory design methods
  • Familiarity working with local community networks in Mexico


  • Recruitment

    • Identify and recruit participants from communities who meet the project’s sampling criteria (to be defined at the beginning of the project)
    • Securely manage participant data and keep the project team up-to-date
    • Inform potential participants of project objectives and research activities as provided by Dalberg
    • Record verbal and/or written informed consent from participants

  • Scheduling and logistics
    • Ongoing communication and proactive scheduling of participants for research sessions
    • Participating in and supporting in-person research tasks as they arise, research will be conducted in South and East of Mexico

  • Design and research support
    • Support the development of the research plan and research activities
    • Participate in and support in-person research sessions
    • Capture data from research sessions in structured format
    • Participate in project debriefs and synthesis sessions
    • Support prototype ideation and concept generation
    • Support the development of interim deliverables and reports to share research findings
    • Support final synthesis and writing of the final report

If this is you? Please get in touch by filling out this short application. In order to complete it you will need:

  • Your resume or CV

  • A paragraph telling us why you are a great fit for this role (max 250 words)
  • Optional: Portfolio of relevant work (does not need to be highly polished or designed) to demonstrate your process