IDEO Synthesis Workshop

March 7, 2018

IDEO Synthesis Workshop

This past week, IDEO came to Parsons to run a workshop for the first year Ms SDM students’ Integrative Studio I class. The two workshop facilitators – Nili Metuki and Lauren Shapiro – introduced the class to IDEO’s design thinking process. Students participated in collaborative brainstorming sessions and a deep dive into “How Might We” questions to produce ideas for solving design problems.

A bit more about the speakers –

Nili Metuki
Nili is a senior design lead at IDEO New York with a focus on research and strategy. Having earned a doctorate in psychology, she brings a deep understanding of human behavior to the center of design projects. Since 2012, she led teams to create human-centered products, services and experiences across a range of sectors – from health care to financial services.

Nili first engaged with IDEO as a client, working for Primesense – an Israeli tech start-up that pioneered a gesture-enabled interaction paradigm. Upon joining IDEO, Nili used this experience to empathize with clients as they navigate the ambiguity of the design process. In particular, she has worked with Scotiabank, NBC, WebMD and New York’s DMV to bring new digital experiences, services and physical branches to market.

Nili looks for inspiration in the ways new technology shapes our lives and in how thoughtful design can transform everyday experiences. Outside the studio, she teaches Design Thinking and Creative Listening to audiences at universities, conferences and events. On weekends, Nili can usually be found people watching her way through NYC with her toddler son in tow.

Lauren Shapiro
Lauren is a Software Developer at IDEO, using technology to prototype new experiences and bring ideas to life. She has applied her systems thinking to untangle complexity in a range of sectors and locales, including flood insurance in New York City, mobility in Sweden, small-scale farming in Japan and off-grid dairy farming in Kenya.

Before IDEO, Lauren contributed to web and mobile applications at Microsoft, Apple, and Knewton. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a BSE in Digital Media Design. Lauren loves solving problems to create and is constantly looking to expand her digital toolset.