Building Societies with Materials by Renuka Parashar

December 1, 2017

Building Societies with Materials by Renuka Parashar

MS Strategic Design and Management
Strategic Design and Management in New Economies

In this assignment, students were asked to create a map of a new economy according to them, based on a theme they studied. This timeline reflects their interpretation of the key dates, events and figures that led to this economy.

In her infographic, Renuka – a first year MS SDM student – chose to map her version of new economies with reference to building materials and architecture, and the impact of these factors on our social fabric. Building materials and architecture play a vital role in the development of society; the economy of any given time period is reflected in its architecture and the architecture of a certain era projects the social fabric of that time. Her map takes us through the journey of economics and societies, referring to building materials and their application to building profiles, forms and the urban fabric.

“We started from the earth, built high rise buildings and are now slowly returning back down to the earth. Is it all going to end? Is there another ‘big-bang’ waiting to happen? What is the future of economics in the Anthropocene? We can only wait and find out.”