Transdisciplinary Design

Martin Storkholm Nielsen

Martin is a generalist—a jack of many trades, if you will. This shows in his work both in terms of work style and type of projects. Actually, it is a permeating theme of his entire life and being.

He’s been exploring the realms of design and technology for almost a decade. For three years, he explored the intersection of computer science, product design and business culminating in receiving a B.Sc. in IT Product Development from Aarhus University in Denmark. The world has always been his home—globetrotting extensively since wearing a diaper—and thus has grabbed onto opportunities for studying or working in China, Finland, USA and Japan. Exposure to vastly diverse cultures, disciplines, mindsets etc. has cultivated an empathic sensitivity that especially shows in his collaborative engagements and human-centric design work.
Martin is currently pursuing an MFA in Transdisciplinary Design at Parsons in New York City. Areas that currently interest him are i.a. the relationship between (primarily digital) technology and the human; lifestyle (design); and sports that involve having a board under your feet.


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