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The Transdisciplinary Design blog is a space to explore at greater length the questions and the issues that are fueling Transdisciplinary design theory, practice, and education. It is an extension of the culture of the Transdisciplinary Design graduate program in the School of Design Strategies at Parsons School of Design—the ideas, conversations, and disagreements that make the program so exciting. And it is a chance for you to take part.

The graduate MFA Transdiscipinary Design at Parsons is an open experiment that gives form and substance to the emergent design practices that go beyond traditional disciplinary ones. Because of that, we are constantly in the process of defining Transdisciplinary design, and in a certain sense we will always be. For this reason, discussion, dialogue and reflection are central to the process.

As the program and the blog evolve, we will encourage students, faculty, design professionals and those interested in this interdisciplinary approach to design to contribute to the postings. We want to incorporate as many diverse voices as possible into the discussion. We also want this site to become a center for all things transdisciplinary, whether through the blog roll, the events, or the postings.

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Visit the main Parsons site for more information about the MFA in Transdisciplinary Design, including Curriculum, Admission Requirements, and FAQs.