Transdisciplinary Design

Gertrud Høgh Rasmussen

Gertrud is a design strategist, systems thinker and visualizer. She graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Art, School of Design in 2013 with a BA in service design. For her senior thesis she redesigned the consultation experience at a major diabetes treatment center in Denmark, in order to improve compliance in adolescents. Wishing to understand how design can ignite change in systemic and social issues, she decided to pursue her MFA in the Transdisciplinary Design program. Her MFA thesis project explores how to create new modes of collaboration, to accommodate all involved. Gertrud’s practice is committed to using empathy to intervene with disengaged systems. She has several years of consulting experience, working to align user needs with the services and systems they exist within. She enjoys drawing and uses her skills every day, whether it is visualizing complexity, doodling out ideas, building narratives or illustrating. Gertrud loves food and is currently eating her way through New York, which she would love to be as bikeable as Copenhagen