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Designing the Invisible

Posted on October 13, 2016 | posted by: student


Transdisciplinary Design Talks – Fall 2016

Designing the Invisible – A reflection on designing for services and interactions

As design practice gain new terrains in designing services, experiences, interactions and situations, designers face the reality of designing the intangible conditions for such services, experiences, and situations. These practices may diverge significantly from the traditional design material deliverables and enter the territory of the intangible. Service and interaction designers design organizational protocols, policies, business models, scripts and choreographies. These are the new objects of the design practice and require different capacities altogether different from the traditional technical capacities from the past. What are these new capacities? Do they add or detract from the list of traditional design materialization practices? How do they change the aspect of making in design practice? And perhaps most interestingly, how do these new capacities, of designing the invisible aren’t in fact at the very heart of design, as “designers have only ever been employed because the refinements they add to the simple fact of a thing contribute to its experience and hence to its desirability. In other words, “the play between the tangible and the intangible, the visible and the invisible, has always been integral to design. It was, after all, its raison d’etre.”

This light event will take place in Room 1203 at the building located on 6E 16th St on October 21st, from 4.00pm to 6.00pm and will consist of an initial provocation by Lara Penin (Director TransD program), followed by short presentations by Katarina Wetter- Edman (Senior Lecturer Service Design, Konstfack, Sweden) and Cameron Tonkinwise (Director Design and Doctoral Studies, Carnegie Mellon), and a panel moderated by Clive Dilnot (Design Studies) who will offer final remarks.

Detailed program

4:00-4:20 – Welcome and provocation by Lara Penin

4:20-4:40 – Remarks by Katarina Wetter- Edman

4:40-5:00 – Remarks by Cameron Tonkinwise

5:00-5:40 – Panel moderated by Clive Dilnot

Light refreshments will follow.