Transdisciplinary Design


Doremy Diatta on Design Indaba

| Alumni News

  Doremy Diatta, a Transdisciplinary graduate from 2015, explores the relationship between objects and our emotions. Doremy’s thesis project, introduced a therapy object that parents took home after…

Cash For Your Art

| Ideas

In an article entitled “Can Anyone Be a Designer” (the New York Times, Alice Rawsthorn, October 2, 2011) Rawthson writes about “Unnamed,” an exhibition in…

What’s First?

| Ideas

Note: No animals were harmed during this reflection process. I recently finished the first phase of research for designing a collaborative system that allows participants…

What We Look Like

| Media

An average 6 hour day in our studio class.

Transitional States

| Ideas

The Scanning the Transdisciplinary lecture series came to a close with a fascinating pair of presentations featuring Nigel Snoad and Natalie Jeremijenko.

Transfiguring Practices

| Ideas

For those who were not able to attend the second Design Dialogue in the Scanning the Transdisciplinary lecture series, we now have available for you to watch.

Transformational Networks

| Faculty News

We kicked off the launch of the Transdisciplinary Design program with a dynamic dialogue between Anna Valtonen, Rector of Umea Institute of Design, and Yochai Benkler, author of The Wealth of Networks. We’ve got the whole event for you to view.

Transdisciplinary Design: The Word on the Street

| Ideas

MFA Director Jamer Hunt takes to the street to see what people are thinking about transdisciplinary design.