Jackson (He/Him/His) joined Open Plans in June of 2020 and now serves as the Director of Advocacy and Organizing. Jackson has led the advocacy efforts for Open Plan’s proposal to create an Office of Public Space Management (OPSM) that would coordinate efforts across agencies to simplify permitting processes for open streets and other public initiatives. Jackson’s advocacy starts in the streets and public spaces and includes building relationships with elected officials, media, and co-hosting panels to advance the OPSM proposal. He also authors and contributes to written pieces on public space. These efforts contributed to the OPSM proposal being included in Maya Wiley’s Community First Climate Action plan.

Jackson graduated from Pratt Institute with a Master’s in Urban Placemaking and Management and worked at Project for Public Spaces. Jackson’s passion lies at the intersection of people, public space, and mobility. You can find him exploring New York City; probably talking to strangers about public space. Jackson currently serves as Treasurer of the New York Metro Chapter of the American Planning Association.