Maria Luiza Scheidemantel



Spring 2020

Nonprofit organizations are places where like-minded people work together to support good causes; a nonprofit transforms shared beliefs and hopes into actions, gives a more solid shape to a noble cause and assists in economic growth. D+NP is a nonprofit organization/studio that aims to help other nonprofits develop their own visual identities.

This project originated from an earlier idea I had and represents one of my biggest passions: being able to create different, innovative and modern visual identities (branding) for organizations who do not have the monetary resources to pay for such services. After deciding that I wanted to combine these passions and help people in need, D+NP was born: aiming to prove that cool and functional logos do not need to be extremely expensive, and are also accessible to smaller companies. The work I do will erase the stigma that nonprofits, because of their limited resources, have boring or “square” logos.