Jim Chung


Typography: Sevenbars

Spring 2020

This project uses typography as an instrument to develop a design system. By applying a strict set of rules and requirements (e.g., defined parameters, fixed vs. moving variables, etc.), the project intends to generate letterforms through a systematic approach.

In the first phase of the project, the objective was to establish the design concept, define the initial set of rules, and produce preliminary outputs. In the subsequent phase, the goal was to experiment with a variety of different conditions, such as color, width and tracking, to produce dynamic visual effects.

The design concept was inspired by digital alarm clocks. The alarm clock’s fixed frame inspired me to approach this project using Excel, an unusual and unique tool to use for designing typefaces. The spreadsheet utilizes conditional formatting, Vlookup, string functions, etc., while keeping the interface interactive so that the experiment can be done systematically.

Some alphabets look relatively straightforward, while others seem rather abstract.