As we worked to plan the conversation for June 5, together with Profs. Miodrag Mitrasinovic and Brian McGrath we explored the work of Chilean economist Manfred Max-Neef on the taxonomy of fundamental human needs. This conceptual framework provides a valuable starting point as we think about future infrastructures of inclusion. What might these infrastructures look like when considered through lenses such as the need for affection or the need for participation? Max-Neef asks “Is there now an opportunity to reconstitute our society on the basis of sustainable solidarity economics (“barefoot economics”) – an economy that puts people and planet first, rather than the pursuit of blind “growth” and maximum profit?”

We, as designers ask, how can we co-design infrastructures for solidarities with the front line communities who have been fighting for social, environmental and climate justice, highlighted over the past decades through increased criticism of the disparities among urban citizens. Borrowing from Max-Neef’s framework we ask you to imagine what coproduction of these infrastructures might look like. We are looking forward to seeing how participants on the June 5 call will approach this question from different disciplinary and practical perspectives.

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