Carly Bayroff


In Current Formation

Spring 2020

In Current Formation is a book about the world’s most influential practicing architects, written by architectural journalists. This book cuts the world’s greatest and most provocative practicing planners down to size and serves as an introduction to the world’s most influential living architects.

Utilizing strict verticals (implemented in both layout and typographical choices), geometric lines and a neutral color palette to mimic a collection of architectural features, In Current Formation covers a broad range of ethos, style and tactics at the forefront of the architectural world.

When the question, “What is one piece of advice you would give to somebody visiting New York City?,” was posed by a family member, my brother revealed his answer: “Look up. I’d tell people to just look up.” While walking around the city one day, I took his advice. In a few short minutes, I was reminded of my love of architecture from my days studying art history. I took some of the elements I gathered during my walk and implemented them in the editorial spreads you see here. Clean geometric lines, inspired by modern architectural elements like glass window panes, and neutral colors drawn from the surrounding materials such as cement and metal, permeate the pages of this book.