Urban Transformation, Public Space, & Resiliency
PEZ Estudio, Elisa de los Reyes Garcia
Tuesday, September 4, 2018
10:00-11:30 am
University Center, 63 5th Ave, room 515, Graduate urban studio

Please join the Urban@Parsons programs, at an inspiring lecture by PEZ Estudio, Madrid/Bilbao Spain based design and research collective. One of its co-founders, Elisa de los Reyes Garcia will give a lecture titled “Urban Transformation, Public Space and Resiliency” this Tuesday, September 4, at 10 am at UC 515. PEZ Estudio organized a week-long workshop in last academic year for Urban Graduate programs focusing on their methodologies and they are back for this lecture on discussing their action-research projects Agronautas and Inteligencias Colectivas and other pezestudio.org works related to urban transformation, public space, resiliency, co-creation, open source and (r)urban space.

As Inteligencias Colectivas have developed prototypes to solve basic needs of precarious communities in Latin-America, Africa and Asia, where they have collaborated with different universities and socio-cultural organisations. They have also applied their techniques to urban transformation in Lagos at Uneven Growth exhibition at MoMA in 2015. Since 2016 they develop the project #BilbaoCommons in collaboration with Az and Bilbao Municipality where they redefine the “Ciudad Colectiva Inteligente” (Intelligent Collective City) by creating a network of citizens and initiatives that self-organise activities and transformations in public space. You can find more details of their work from their website: Pezestudio.org

Please join us to learn more about the projects PEZ Estudio has been working on and participatory methodologies they use and discuss how to tackle with the challenges of their participatory works.