MS Design and Urban Ecologies’ project United for Housing: Reclaiming local cooperativism in Sunset Park will be exhibited at the National Museum of History of Immigration at the Palais de la Porte Dorée in Paris this month. United for Housing is part of a multi-year community developed by three cohorts of the MS Design and Urban Ecologies program in collaboration with United Families of Sunset Park under the leadership of Gabriela Rendón, Assistant Professor of Urban Planning and Community Development. The exhibition is part of the international and multidisciplinary project “Inscriptions in relation—from colonial traces to plural expressions” organized by Ruedi and Vera Baur from Civic City and Dix—Milliards—Humains Research Institute. The exhibition will take place on the weekend of February 14-16. The event will feature research conducted by artists, designers, historians, urban planners, anthropologists, theoreticians, and citizens through artistic installations, workshops, performances and a symposium. Over 20 universities will be part of the exhibition and the opening events. Jason Brown, Daniel Chu, Daniela Castillo and Ana Prada Uribe will represent Parsons School of Design in those activities.

For more information about the exhibition program, please visit the project’s site.