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Huda graduated from the University of Manchester ’21 with a First Class Honors in BSc Planning and Real Estate and has decided to go down the route of environmental awareness and design implementation. She has always been exposed to many cultures, being raised in the Middle East, United Kingdom and currently studying in the United States, providing her with multiple points of views, understandings and strategies. However, she still craves the knowledge and skills needed to understand how to formally involve communities and their active culture and lifestyle being used through design strategies. She has worked in both the private and public sector and has felt this direction of academia needed to address the lack of community and environmental involvement.

Jiray is a Masters student in the Design and Urban Ecologies program at Parsons School of Design. They have extensive experience in leadership development, dialogue-based problem solving, and administrative coordination. Their academic background is in political anthropology, specifically focusing on Armenian identity formation and transformation in the wake of the Karabakh War. Currently, they are asking questions about urban interstices, the waterfront, and queering notions of time and space in the city. Curious and imaginative, Jiray is adept at identifying points of difference and nurturing community across diverse identities, experiences, and organizations.

Jonathan (Class of 2023) studied cognitive neuroscience at the University of Pennsylvania. He moved to New York City after college and joined his building’s tenant association. Since then, he has volunteered on various campaigns in the housing movement. His goal is to bridge organizing and policy practices, pushing towards land decommodification.


Jacqueline is an urban thinker with an academic background in Architecture and Urban Design. She developed her career between Mexico and Italy, where she worked on urban planning and design, public spaces, sustainable mobility and participatory design at different Mexican Government Institutions, and at the international firms MIC Mobility in Chain (Italy) and Carlo Ratti Associati (Italy).

As a creative urbanist, Jacqueline’s passion focuses on designing strategies and projects with an integrated approach, using both everyday tools and breakthrough technologies to develop a balanced and equitable society and preserve our environment. 
Jacqueline is now based in Brooklyn, NYC where she co-founded CITAD, a design collective that aims to improve the urban experience for everyone. CITAD was a 2018 Public Access Design Fellow at the Center for Urban Pedagogy.

Yana Dimitrova

Yana Dimitrova is an artist and a researcher whose work investigates the intersection between visual arts, community centered practices, and activism as linked to the urban realm. Her research spans between issues of forced migration and displacement to the use of craft in alternative pedagogy methodologies. Formally trained in both Bulgaria and the U.S.,  Yana received her MFA in Painting and Printmaking at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in 2009. Yana has exhibited at various national and international venues. Her most recent exhibits have taken place at The Rockefeler Brothers Fund (New York), Aronson Gallery in Parsons (New York), Wolke (Brussels, Belgium), OAZO (Amsterdam,The Netherlands), Gallery Twenty-Four (Berlin,Germany), NXNW (Manchester, UK), Sofia City Museum and Credo Bonum (Sofia, Bulgaria), Field Projects, Flux Factory, NARS Foundation, Miyako Yoshinaga Gallery (New York) to name a few. Yana teaches at Parsons School of Design, Eugene Lang, and the Schools for Public Engagement at The New School. She is also a PhD Candidate at LUCA School of Arts, Ghent/Brussels, in Belgium.


Born and raised in CDA, Idaho, Ella (she/he/they) draws inspiration from home as their endless passions converge in the compulsion to create. Ella graduated from Pepperdine University with a B.A. in Sociology and a minor in Sustainability. Currently, Ella is also working towards a minor in Creative Community Development and partnering with The Institute for Transformative Mentoring to give formally incarcerated and systems-impacted individuals the accreditation to work in social service fields throughout NYC. They hope to continue channeling their motivations into art of all mediums, showcasing the beauty of natural ecosystems. Without the continual inclusion of imagery derived from the environment, they believe we will only continue to separate ourselves from nature. Ella wants to highlight this growing disconnect and offer solutions via the reconceptualization of urban infrastructure to better integrate communal prosperity for both people and the planet. Until form and function can harmonize equitably in built space, Ella will continue to use their art to showcase the importance of intersectionality in environmentalism.


Elene is a Georgian graduate student who acquired her B.Sc. in Architecture and Urban Planning from University of Stuttgart in Germany. She has worked with award-winning architects and interior designers in the US, Germany and Denmark. During her career she sought to relate design to urban issues and understand the social and environmental factors shaping the building context. She has lived in 5 different countries and has always been interested in urban and community development. Her goal is to acquire the necessary expertise to design strategies that will help governments transform the cities into more sustainable, accessible and socially and environmentally just habitats. She intends to use mapmaking and data-driven research as tools for planning future growth and infrastructure projects. She is an advocate for women’s involvement in political decision-making and city planning.

2020 Graduation

Maude received a BS in Geography from the University of Colorado, Boulder where she developed an interest in environmental and social justice. She is now exploring ways in which art and mapping can contribute to solutions for spatial inequities in urban environments. She is largely influenced by creativity and craft, as well as nature and the importance of outdoor access.


Juliana is a Brazilian architect and Urban Planner graduated from Universidade de Sorocaba, where she contributed to the organization of seminars, lectures, projects and political and social activism associated with discussions on the right to housing, education and culture, in addition to having worked in architecture and interior design offices, seeking to relate design to urban issues.


Jordan (Class of 2023) is an urban sociologist interested in public space, civic engagement, and housing. She received her B.A. in sociology and urban studies and planning from the University of California, San Diego, where she conducted her senior thesis on social stratification within higher education. Prior to attending Parsons for her M.S., Jordan taught adult and youth ceramics classes, served as a board member for MECCA, a community arts non-profit, and studied the gendered barriers to engineering faculty positions as a research associate for the Center for Research on Gender in STEMM. Currently, Jordan is interested in using open data to examine neighborhood demographics, wealth, and displacement over time.


Mick (they/them) has spent time working in a few different capacities before joining the DUE program. Such has included teaching in outdoor neighborhood spaces with children, urban farming, and stormwater mitigation and rain garden projects in Seattle, WA. During undergrad they went to Cascadia College in Bothell, Wa and completed their Bachelors of Applied Science in Sustainable Practices focusing on environmental education (Class of 2017). They hope to continue focusing on environmental justice, community, urban food systems, and transportation, multi-generational design, in both their work and everyday life. Along with these professions and study they also spend time as a digital artist, as well in trans and queer spaces, and club + rave communities when able to.

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Melissa C. Bosley, born and raised in The Bronx completed her undergraduate program at The City College of New York. Studying Political Science and History, it was imperative for her to serve The Bronx in any capacity. After graduating she searched and found herself working for Bronxworks, a non-profit organization that provides various services throughout The Bronx to most people in need. Uncontent with her work, she quit and applied for the DUE program at Parson School of Design.


Lukas’s background is in philosophy, particularly critical theory and alienation. He is interested in the relationship between people and their environments, especially how spaces can define and create identities and experiences. He is also interested in art, public health, history, and anthropology.

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Gracia is a designer interested in the intersections of urbanism, design, and justice. She believes in design as a method of approaching wicked issues and empowering communities toward a more equitable future. Coming from Singapore, she previously worked as a designer at Chemistry, a strategic design consultancy focused on circularity and human-centered design. In her spare time, she enjoys drawing, coffee, and watching cute cat videos.

What is the us in urbanism?

I think the us in urbanism constitutes living and non-living beings, material and immaterial systems. It is important to recognize that the human being is just one species in the Earth’s biodiversity that is subject to complex material and immaterial systems. While social justice and equity are at the core of urban studies, the systems and infrastructures that are created by humans impact other beings that are our fellow co-occupants of the planet.


Alex comes from a background of inclusive community building, critical media literacy, imaginative hopeful fiction, literacy education, and material climate solutions.

He has collected an arsenal of skills that serve a crucial part in shaping the global village, and has worked to understand how societal elements are interlinked and collectively consequential.

His goal in joining the Design and Urban Ecologies program is to serve community to the best of his ability – using his skills to enable a co-design process of the cityscape. To him, co-designing entails a process of repairing, and reimagining cities for people and for nature.

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Beka (she/her) is an Indonesian graduate student who received her degree from the University of Melbourne. Beka is a driven, growth-focused individual with a great passion for sustainable design and urbanism, great attention to detail, and creative thinking. She is seeking opportunities in Sustainable Urban-centric programs and is keen to explore the strategies of Public Space formation and evaluate the importance of community involvement in the scheme.

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A native Brooklynite, Jamyra earned her B.A. in Urban Studies from Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts at The New School. Her interests include exploring homelessness and housing disparities, social change, community health and development, social innovation and entrepreneurship. She spent time overseas with The School of International Training: International Honors Program while pursuing her undergraduate degree where she investigated and collaborated with numerous humanitarian non-profit organizations and NGOs including in San Francisco California, Cape Town South Africa, Kampala Uganda, Delhi India, and São Paulo Brazil. Jamyra’s work has been featured in the 2019 edition of the SEN Magazine 6.0, The New Schools Dean’s Honor Symposium, and the 8th Annual NYC Multicultural Festival. She is a member of The National Society of Leadership and Success and is currently enrolled in her first semester of the Design and Urban Ecology masters program at Parsons School of Design. She is an active member of Bailey Cafe’s Board of Directors.

What is the us in urbanism?

The “us” in urbanism serves as a reminder of the importance and value of inclusive urbanization and urban planning, both of which contribute to the creation of the ‘just city’. People are more able to unite to form better communities when they have a shared right to the influences that shape their lives and daily lived experiences.


Mae is an ethnographer, researcher, and designer. Born and raised in Lima, Peru, she received her B.A. in Social Anthropology and developed an interest in indigenous knowledge and intercultural health. She has extensive experience in design research, innovation, and strategic design, with experience in both the private and public sectors. Passionate, empathetic, and a compulsive organizer, her current work is focused on the production of local and popular knowledge, oral history, and land rights. She is currently pursuing a graduate degree in the MS Design and Urban Ecologies program at Parsons School of Design at The New School, seeking an education that uses research and design as powerful tools for social justice and transformation.


Sofia is a Designer and Storyteller born in Toronto, Canada and raised in La Paz, Bolivia. She holds an MSc in Development Economics from the London School of Economics, and is working towards highlighting narratives that shift our understanding of development in the city (for whom, and by whom?). She believes in the power of storytelling to organize people around new values and goals — striving for balance over growth, and regenerative systems that support our environment and quality of life. She grounds her work in the Slow Movement, questioning the “need for speed and caffeine culture” in favor of a slower pace of living revolving around community and connection to place. She is currently interested in community healing and pla(y)cemaking.

Previously, Sofia worked on projects for the United Nations – Office for Landlocked and Least Developed States, the Inter-American Development Bank and Art for Amnesty. She co-founded Seeds Game Lab in 2020 focusing on the role of play in bringing forth narratives anchored in indigenous knowledge, just and regenerative values.

She is a yoga teacher and poetry writer on medium.


Matthew is a graduate student originally from Massachusetts. They have a background in housing and homeless services, specifically serving with AmeriCorps in Tacoma, Washington at a homeless shelter. Matthew’s academic background is in philosophy and architectural history, focusing on human interaction with the built environment. Matthew is interested in affordable housing — how to create and maintain affordable housing complexes within the urban environment. They are now exploring ways in which housing can be created through community engagement and within the existing framework of the urban environment. Matthew is inspired by art, music, and fashion and the creative ways people use the resources around them.


Daniela Fernández López (Montevideo, Uruguay. 1989).

She has joined the MS Design and Urban Ecologies program thanks to Fulbright Foreign Student Program, 2022 Edition.

Architect since 2018, she graduated from the University of the Republic (FADU-Udelar). Her final career’s project named “Resiliente” was awarded first place in the National Planning Award, 2019 Edition, Ministry of Housing, Land Use and Environment of Uruguay (MVOTMA).

She has worked both in the private sector and in academia. In 2014 she interned at the History Institute (IH, FADU-Udelar) and since 2017 she has worked as an assistant researcher in the same institution. Daniela also served as a fellow teacher at Urban Project, Taller Martín, FADU-Udelar. (2019-2021).

In 2012, as an undergraduate student she participated in an academic exchange at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (ETSAB-UPC) in Barcelona, Spain.

Daniela’s passion focuses on the intersection between landscape, urbanism and architecture based on people’s everyday life and struggles. She is actively seeking to learn how to use design as a tool to explore and counter the injustices in the whole ecosystem, and trying to foster cooperation and care between species, ourselves, our bodies, and the territories we inhabit.