Public Space Lab, guest talk:

Ana Traverso-Krejcarek

October 25 @ 7PM

Location: L1108, Parsons the New School

Ana Krejcarek is the Senior Manager at The Highline Network, a consortium working to transform underutilized infrastructure into new urban landscapes. Krejcarek is a strong advocate for community development and public spaces, and designs citizen-driven initiatives in North and South America. She currently manages a network of 36 infrastructure reuse projects in North America by establishing long-term community relations, and has authored several research projects focusing on infrastructure reuse and open spaces. Her work emphasizes the importance of knowledge dissemination and peer-to-peer exchange to support community involvement in new infrastructure reuse programs.

Previously, Krejcarek led the research and community engagement process for the Santa Cruz State Cultural Investment Plan in Bolivia where she organized community-focused discussions to evaluation the state’s social and economic development plan, and managed relations with over thirty museums. Krejcarek is the author of “La Estrella del Oriente” (Fundación Cultural del Banco Central de Bolivia, 2014), “El Modelo de Desarrollo Cruceño” (CADECOCRUZ, 2012), and “Construyendo Autonomía: Entre el Proceso Constituyente y el Proceso Estatuyente” (Gobierno Autonomo Departamental de Santa Cruz, 2008).