The MS Design and Urban Ecologies and MS Theories of Urban Practice Class 2018 collectively produced a body of work transforming cities across different continents, including Colon in Panama, Christ Church in Barbados, Brasilia in Brazil, Chennai in India, Lahore in Pakistan, as well as San Antonio, Los Angeles, North Carolina, the San Francisco Bay Area, and New York City in the United States. Their research and design interventions objectives were ambitious but they certainly managed to influence and transform neighborhoods and communities; radicalize non-profit organizations and devise new public agencies; politicize and reclaim public spaces; delve into collective urban imaginaries; reimagine urban and rural economic systems; design strategies leading to commoning, community land trusts, cooperatives and other models promoting social and spatial justice. Please take a look to the TUP and DUE Thesis Works 2018 to learn more about the projects!