We are pleased to announce the MS Design and Urban Ecologies’ work is being featured at the «Places en relation»  exhibition at the George Pompidou Center in Paris. The exhibition which is curated by Institut Civic City’s co-founders Ruedi and Vera Bauer opened last weekend. Institut Civic City is collaborating in this project with Théâtre Saint Gervais, Genève, and Initiatives Solitaires, Aubervilliers. In the coming weeks over ten schools of design will present their work developed across different cities, including Hamburg, Valparaiso, Beirut, Barcelona, Strasbourg, Antananarivo, Paris, Buenos Aires, Cairo, Sao Paulo and New York City. Miguel Robles-Durán, Associate Professor of Urbanism at the School of Design Strategies and collaborator of Institut Civic City, curated the MS Design and Urban Ecologies exhibition which was part of the opening session. MS Design and Urban Ecologies students Eduarda Aun and Andrew Strong assisted him with the design of the exhibition material. Besides presenting the students’ project, Miguel Robles-Durán led a round table and a workshop during the opening weekend. A number of events including workshops, roundtables and talks will run until February 4th, 2018. Please take a look to the exhibition’s agenda.

The MS Design and Urban Ecologies’ project featured in «Places en relation» was developed by students from Studio 1 and coordinated by Gabriela Rendón, Assistant Professor of Urban Planing at the School of Design Strategies. This long-term research and design project delves into housing and school overcrowding in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park. As part of this project a Neighborhood Gazette was envisioned to co-produce useful knowledge with community members and local activists and to distribute such valuable information across the neighborhood as a call for action. For more information about this project and the Sunset Park Gazette, click here.


Sunset Park Project

Developed by:

Andrew Strong
Angelica Jackson
Burak Sancakdar
Caroline Macfarlane
Dongyao Li
Eduarda Aun
Emily Sloss
Jason Azar
Lyric Kelkar
Maha Aslam
Sarath Ramanan
Selamawit Yemeru
Zara Farooq

Coordinated by:

Gabriela Rendón
Assistant Professor of Urban Planning