From Fordham (see poster below):

A series of 8 colloquia in Urban studies department is a student initiative for the Fall 2016 semester. We want to broaden our understanding about wide variety of topics in Urban Studies and to strengthen research skills of students in their field of interest. Ultimately, the goal is to forge stronger faculty and student exchange of ideas and maybe propose a more inclusive definition of urban studies.
Both professors and students are invited present their recent research and academic work with the rest of the department in a short (~20 min) presentation. Thus we hope to draw a larger picture what is urban studies and what are the topics our colleagues and classmates are researching. Presentations will be followed by 30 min discussion. Works do not have to be finished nor any particular conclusion is expected. Gr8 Talks are platform for testing ideas of a “research in progress” or thought and opinion exchange. The objective is to trigger a discussion and an exchange of ideas.