Following the Disturbanist tradition, HUB.UP has been hard at work developing the third iteration in the Disturbanist Discourse event series!

The idea behind the event this time around is to invite alumni to come talk to current students and guests about both what they are working on now as well as their transition from the Urban graduate programs into their professional life. Alumni will showcase how they, as practitioners, position their practice within the urban problems that students talk in the classroom; as well as engage in a broader conversation about how to tackle those urban issues from a practical standpoint!

Please join us this Friday, November 4th from 5.30pm to 7.30pm at the Bark Room – Parsons Building (2 West 13th Street – Room M101)!

This year’s guest speakers are:

  1. Aran Baker (Red-Hook Check-In).

  2. Xavier Williams (Gov’s Office of Storm Recovery).

  3. Masoom Moitra (Hester Street Collaborative).

  4. Nadia Elokdah (in•site collaborative).

  5. Alex Roesch (UHAB – Urban Homesteading Assistance Board).

  6. Max Freedman (Theatre of the Oppressed NYC).

Speakers will present and then we will have space for a round table of Q&A’s! Don’t miss this event and check out this amazing poster!