Chase Louden (DUE ’23) has been selected a 2022-23 Fellow of the Robert L. Heilbroner Center for Capitalism Studies at The New School for Social Research. Chandler Louden earned a BA degree in Anthropology at the University of Maryland, Baltimore. Chandler has developed an interest in community planning with a focus on assisting in the creation of new forms of infrastructure, which includes working to make New York City more food-secure through research and co-working with community gardens. He also has an interest in building a sustainable economy based on regionally available materials and circularity. Chandler has experience in a wide variety of fields related to public engagement, design and history. In 2022, he interned at the NYC Department of City of Planning, and also works as a Garden Educator at the New York Botanical Garden. His research uses the lens of regional planning, urban metabolism, and participatory design. His current research project is focused on the relationship between climate mitigation infrastructure and capitalism.