Design and Urban Ecologies alumni April de Simone, Braden Cooks and Charles Chawalko have just published an article on City Limits as part of their series on the intersections between race and housing policy.

The city as we see it today did not happen by accident, but has been shaped and designed by policy, investment and intentions that predate most of us. To transform places for the better, these structures must be “undesigned” and their effects repaired. Undesigning systems and structures requires different thinking and creative innovation, both grounded in a deeper understanding of our shared history.

You can take a look at the full article here as well as the whole series here.

April, Braden and Charles are also part of designing the WE, a NYC based for-benefit corporation positioned within the design and social innovation sectors. dtW facilitates collaborative processes to redefine how big picture systemic challenges are approached, identify opportunities for action, and co-design more holistic and resilient strategies centered on transformative change.