2020: A Year Without Public Space ONLINE CONFERENCE, will take place on 6-7 November 2020. This conference follows a successful series of webinars on the topic which took place between May and October 2020. The conference is organized by City Space Architecture and School of Architecture at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, in partnership with URBAN@PARSONS and other international organizations.

Public space scholars, practitioners and activists across the globe have spent the year exploring an array of aspects of public space, believing that we can build social and health resilience by establishing an open environment for discussion and learning while taking advantage of technology and virtual platforms that many can currently access for free. As the pandemic moves across different continents and urban conditions, we have shared experiences from far and wide via weekly webinars and international, cross-sector research. Coming to the end of 2020, we feel that now it’s the time to look back, reflect and plan ahead.

Past webinars can be watched HERE.