Transdisciplinary Design

Chisun Rees

Chisun Rees began practicing design in 2004. She received a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Houston in 2008 and worked as a residential architect in Houston and Chicago for six years, developing an expertise in renovations and restorations. She served in many organizations in and out of school and volunteered for and worked on various design projects in addition to architecture. Chisun has been merited with multiple design awards, internships, and scholarships in both her undergraduate and graduate careers. She most recently received a civic design fellowship with the Knight Foundation and IDEO, working with fellow design students, professional designers, and a city client team. Chisun is interested in practicing strategic design across many domains in order to help people help themselves and realize their full potentials. She is a skilled project manager, design thinker, and maker. She enjoys the outdoors, large bodies of water, travel, culture, crafts, cooking, gardening, and all things old and meticulous.

In the Studio

  • Lost in Trans-lation