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TransDesign at Fast Company Awards, Again

By Parsons Web Admin on September 30, 2013

For the second year running, two Parsons Transdisciplinary Design students are finalists in Fast Company’s Innovation by Design awards. Last year, Howard Chambers (’12) and Bland Hoke (’12) won the Student Design category for their project, Softwalks. This year, Hello Compost, a project by Alyssia Blenkin (’13) and Luke Keller (’13), has been announced as a finalist in that same category.

Blenkin and Keller write that “put simply, food is too valuable to be wasted.”  Their project, Hello Compost, is a service that enables the exchange of food for food waste in working-class communities.  Epitomized by a simple canvas compost sack and a user-friendly tracking app, Hello Compost seeks to address a broader system of social and environmental issues. The project collects food waste from low-income families, who are in turn given credit with which they can purchase fresh fruits and vegetables.  The food waste is diverted from landfills and sent instead to an organization which turns the waste into nutrient rich compost.

Most recently, Blenkin and Keller were invited to present Hello Compost at the Foodscapes Conference in Austria.  Next up is the Innovation By Design Awards ceremony, being held on October 2nd, right here in New York City where the winners of each category will be announced.  To learn more about Hello Compost, visit Fast Company’s website or the Hello Compost Facebook page.



Congratulations to Aly and Luke who picked up second place at the 2013 Fast Company Innovation by Design Awards, Student Design Category!  We’re all very proud of their accomplishments.

You can also read their latest article in GOOD, here.