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TransDesign Blogging for Metropolis

By Parsons Web Admin on October 18, 2013

Two TransDesign students, Meagan Durlak and James Frankis, have been blogging for Metropolis Magazine over the past year. Approached by Metropolis editor-in-chief, Susan Szenasy, who was interested in the trandisciplinary approach, their posts showcase the reflection and research built into their practice. The blog series centers primarily around their work with favelas in São Paulo and shares some best practices around service design, social innovation, and action-based research.

Originally started as a studio project focusing on youth empowerment, the project has seen many twists and turns over the past year-and-a-half. The most recent iteration of which was heavily influenced by their travels to São Paulo, working with community centers and organizations there, and connecting with the favela residents in their homes and businesses. By developing a conversation over time, they have been able to really demonstrate the true progress of their work and show how that practice plays out over time.

Their latest post is an in-depth exploration of the youth of Heliópolis and Paraisópolis in Brazil, and the things that they are the proudest of. You can read it, here.

Read the other posts in the series, here and here.