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Parsons the New School for Design

In the context of the city and the marketplace, students and faculty work as active citizens fully engaged as designers in real world contexts.

At the School of Design Strategies, the primary objective is to foster experimentation. Opportunities to approach work in novel ways is of great value to the SDS community and we are always in the process of identifying and developing new domains of inquiry. Students and faculty are encouraged to work on projects that explore new forms of collaboration or combine methodological and theoretical frameworks in new and unusual ways.

Research Labs

Desis Lab

Parsons DESIS (Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability) Lab is a research laboratory created in 2009 at The New School in New York City. DESIS Lab works at the intersection of strategic and service design, management, and social theory, applying interdisciplinary expertise in problem setting and problem solving to sustainable practices and social innovation.

For more info go to newschool.edu/desis


O.Studio is a research, advisory and project leadership unit that builds innovation opportunities in situations of economic and social change in local settings globally. Co-founded by SDS faculty Reina Arakji, Carlos Texeira and Christian Schneider O.Studio benefits from the school's leading intellectual community and industry connections in the design and organizational management fields.

Fashion Praxis

The Fashion Praxis lab at The New School is a platform where reflective practice meets public action. It is from this starting point, where we may begin to imagine radically different modes and narratives for the practice of fashion, from its perception and its integration into our everyday lives. The aim of the Fashion Praxis lab is to bring together scholars and practitioners who seek to examine and expand current notions of fashion, including its practices and modes of production, by affirming and prototyping more inclusive and cooperative ways of being in the world.

For more info go to fashionpraxis.wordpress.com


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