About ELab

ELab is a design-driven incubator and business lab dedicated to entrepreneurship practice and research at The New School. In our 12-Month fellowship, we support:

  • for-profit scalable models
  • agency/independent models
  • nonprofit ventures
  • new business models – co-ops and B-corps


We are Design-Driven

The Parsons Strategic Design process follows a holistic and systemic approach, fusing the iterative design thinking process rooted in design research with economic rationale, business logic and organizational reality. Our focus is on the research, co-creation and prototyping to iteratively inform our incubator model, our business development, and all programing that ELab offers the consortium of University schools and broader entrepreneurial community.


We are Impact-Driven

In keeping with The New School’s progressive roots, ELab has sustainability, triple-bottom-line and impact entrepreneurial values and principles embedded in its DNA. We support and strengthen student evolution from academic-to-applied practice within the post-recession landscape through extra-curricular programing, workshops, and mentoring in a variety of practical business and lean design processes to enable them to develop a Minimum Viable Product and gain traction for their new ventures.


We are Distributed

Beyond our core, ELab is a prototype or model of today’s distributed workplace with its lean operating budgets, lack of a specific physical locale, and distributed (rather than centralized) model for mentorship. The ELab does not have a physical space but it is housed, conceptually, within The New School. This allows the ELAb to scale easily, build a network across physical entrepreneurial locations, and take advantage of city-wide resources.


Our Vision & Mission

ELab provides opportunities for entrepreneurship experiences for our community of changemakers from student to recent alumni to long-term alum. Across our 6 pillars – Inform, Empower, Collaborate, Launch, Act, Give Back, we aim to:

  • Build awareness and promote entrepreneurship within the community
  • Support entrepreneurs and help them thrive through creation of a solid program structure and network
  • Engage experienced entrepreneurs to co-create a collaborative environment
  • Support startups in a self-sustaining ecosystem around entrepreneurship and innovation