What sets our program apart?

Watch our students and faculty tell you why Parsons is the first-in-class school they chose to meet their aspirations in innovation and entre/intrapraneurship.

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Rhea Alexander, MS-SDM Co-Director (NY)

Student: Limassol Zok

Limassol Zok, MS-SDM Student (NY)


Nicholas Marcozowich, MS-SDM Student (NY)

Joel Towers, Executive Dean, Parsons School of Design

Joel Towers, Executive Dean, Parsons School of Design

Design Intelligence Conference 2018

A Strategic Designer on Higher Ed at The New School

Design Intelligence Conference 2017

Design Intelligence Conference 2016

The Studio Experience 

Studio explores the overlap between business and design. It brings together student backgrounds and current professional and educational contexts, with complex multidisciplinary projects requiring iterative, collaborative and innovative responses.

Studio: From Apathy to Empathy 

With the case study Build It Green! NYC and through the lens of Parsons Strategic Design & Management Program, From Apathy to Empathy discusses how people and designers work together in ways that affect the world. [Watch the Video]


Studio Partnerships