Navigating Internships | SDM Edition

September 12, 2022


We are conducting a session on ‘Navigating Internships’ for first-year SDM students on Sep 16 at 12 pm EST. During this one-hour session, we have invited a select set of second-year students who have just completed their internships and are willing to share their experience, information, and tips on landing an internship.

Please RSVP to calendar invitation to attend. For any questions or queries, please reach out to


Dhairya Sathvara: Service Design Intern, Intuit

Saumya Ghai: Design Strategist, Infosys, Wongdoody
Shunichiro Tago: Venture Strategist, Newlab, Venture Studio
Ria Jain: Strategy intern, DDB New York
Pam Roque: Product Designer, Teladoc Health
Jyoti Sondagar: Assistant Project Manager, Dynamic Build