External Partnerships with the MS SDM | Strategic Design Through A Global Lens

Graduate students in the Strategic Design and Management Master of Science (MS SDM) program are business professionals who initiate change in emerging fields, and envision innovative futures in legacy sectors affected by the dynamics of a rapidly changing, often inconsistent world.  Led by world-class faculty, the program is both academically rigorous and practice-oriented, providing hands-on learning experiences.

In our Studio courses MS SDM students develop transformative business propositions to client briefs spanning all sectors. The program brings together tools borrowed from studio practice and applied broadly, such as design thinking, collaborative ideation, rapid prototyping, design research and ethnography, service design, and sustainability business frameworks for an evolving global economy. The final deliverable of all our external partnerships is a presentation of the students’ own research and findings that illustrates a novel approach to the client’s solution.


Areas of Investigation

  • Ethnographic research, customer behavior, opportunities for global expansion.
  • Exploring, identifying, and developing new products or service opportunities and models.
  • Developing advocacy campaigns for both internal and external audiences, repositioning messaging.
  • Creating user experience measurement criteria, prototyping and evaluation.
  • Analyzing and evaluating systems–Information synthesis, ideation, and communication strategies.
  • Creating or evolving brand strategies.


MS Partnership Contacts

Edward Cardimona | Instructor


Michele Kahane | Director



Other External Partnership opportunities Across Parsons/The New School.

 In addition to partnerships with Strategic Design and Management, the school offers opportunities for engagement across Parsons School of Design as well as The New School university eco-system, bringing in multiple departments to build robust interdisciplinary teams to deeply address a given challenge. To learn more about these opportunities contact:

Deborah Gibb | VP Corporate Partnerships