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Evolution of Work by Aryanna Martin

MS Strategic Design and Management
Strategic Design and Management in New Economies

Jobs, and the nature of work, have evolved over the years. Once determined by location, work is now defined by changes in technology. Today, there is a constant need to adopt new skills and mindsets in order to keep up with expectations of workplaces and with the exponential growth of the world.

Aryanna – a first year MS SDM student – created a map featuring a brain to signify the knowledge economy. Skills, mindsets and the types of jobs were plotted in lieu of specific events in history.


Having entered the workforce 3 years ago, Aryanna spent most of the first few years reading about the skills and mindsets needed to succeed in today’s job landscape. As she talked to parents and colleagues about their experiences, she noticed how attitudes, job motivations and the office environment have shifted. While the previous generation was motivated by stability, loyalty to the company and finances, our generation cares about personal growth and purpose. This inspired her to plot how the nature of work has evolved over the years in terms of skills, values, perception of work and in-demand jobs.

Her initial idea was to have a Disneyland-like map showing how certain areas are different and have their own themes. But after rendering on Illustrator, the image looked like a brain, which seemed more apt for the topic.

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