Fabrics and textiles impact our climate — a lot. How can we spark a materials revolution by rethinking how we value and use them?

Two teams comprising of 6 students from the MS-SDM Program were declared as the winners and Finalists in MIT Climate Colab – Nike Materials Matter 2016. The winners won $10,000!

The contest focussed on the need to redefine society’s relationship with fabrics and textiles. It required novel and well thought-out ideas on how to engage industries, designers, product creators and the public in valuing, demanding and adopting lower impact materials and the students from the MS-SDM program presented just the ideas!

The winning team consisted of Clair Chun, Antayra Mares, Ken Lin and Andrea Saloio.

The Finalists’ team consisted of Mika Ya-Hui Chang, Kaveh Moeinzadeh and Shuharn Yeh.

Check their ideas here: SourceseedInfinity Collection