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Conspicuous Consumerism Timeline by Holly Cargill

Conspicuous Consumerism Timeline by Holly Cargill

MS Strategic Design and Management
Sustainable Design and Management in New Economies

In this assignment, students were asked to create a map of a new economy according to them, based on a theme they studied. This timeline reflects their interpretation of the key dates, events and figures that led to this economy.

Holly, a first year MS SDM student, chose the theme of conspicuous consumption and the way we are evolving as consumers. Holly looked at the habit of consuming for status, following several trends and symbols into the anthropocene.

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MS SDM 2017 Fall Mixer!

October 4, 2017 • People, Student Insights • Views: 125

Every spring and fall the MS SDM community hosts a student-only mixer. This event is for 1st and 2nd years to get together, have fun and forget all about school (at least for a few hours). The venue this fall was the rooftop at Bar 13. Here are some pictures of the students taken by …

Alumni Stories – Alya Alnoaimi

February 3, 2017 • Alumni Stories, People, Student Insights • Views: 1148

Who are you and what do you do? My name is Alya Alnoaimi. I’m an innovation advisor, design strategist and entrepreneur. What project/job/event/research are you currently working on? Please tell us a little about the impetus, content, expected impact of this work. I’m working on an

Intensive Week 2017

January 25, 2017 • Events, Featured, Featured Events, News, Our News, People, Student Events, Student Insights, Student News, Student Projects • Views: 459

The weeklong studio intensive was full of exciting events, course work and research. It was a chance for the online students of the MS-SDM program to visit the school and experience New York City. They also had the opportunity to use the making centre for a 5 day collaborative sprint where they

Introducing Strategic Design Thinking

May 19, 2016 • Alumni Stories, Student Insights • Views: 639

By: Esther Achaerandio, MS-SDM Class of 2015 Why Strategic Design Thinking? It is a fact that we live in a time of unprecedented transition. This change is unknown, fundamental, rapid and multidimensional and it is becoming clear the obsolescence of our inherited worldview from the industrial age.

Meet Michael Ciarcia – Second Year MS-SDM Student

March 18, 2016 • People, Student Insights • Views: 818

My name is Michael Ciarcia. I am a Digital Creative Director at Time Inc. It’s a great job – I work with super smart people on projects ranging from custom content to native advertising.   What issues are you interested in working on? I’m really interested in secondary

First Year Students Visit Headquarters

March 16, 2016 • Our News, Student Insights • Views: 1035

By: Indiana Baltodano, MS-SDM 2017 On Monday we had the opportunity to visit Jet’s offices in Hoboken, NJ. For those of you not familiar with Jet, it is an e-commerce marketplace that launched in July 2015 with the ambitious goal of being the second biggest player in the industry after Amazon.

The Atlantic Conference: Inventing The Future of Healthcare

November 4, 2015 • Student Insights • Views: 680

By: Samar Ladhib On October 15th 2015, a town hall focused on reinventing the future of healthcare was hosted by the prestigious journal The Atlantic in New York City. The event, held at the New Museum,  drew a group of entrepreneurs, doctors, researchers, business leaders, health advocates and