Our own Caroline Woolard, BFA Integrated Design Program’s professor at Parsons, has just been featured in the New York Times as part of their What to See in New York Galleries This Week section for her wonderful work as director of the WOUND study center for practices of listening, attention, and collaboration.

The project has also been featured in Artforum, as Wendy Vogel explains:

“The word wound is one of the English language’s most powerful and contradictory homographs. As a noun it means bodily damage, a rending of the flesh or psyche; and as the past participle of wind, to have twisted something up. Artist Caroline Woolard defines her social-practice project WOUND, started in 2013, as the latter—like what one does to a clock. And yet “Mending Time and Attention,” an exhibition and a series of workshops organized by WOUND, seeks to heal the pain inflicted by late capitalism’s compartmentalization and commodification of time.”

For more information on this incredible project, click here.