Following up the success of the recent Parsons collaboration with Eileen Fisher’s sustainability program Green Eileen, online magazine Collectively published an article reviewing the event. The article discusses not only the work of Parsons students and faculty, namely fourth year student Nica Rabinowitz and assistant professor Laura Sansone, but the overall shift in fashion away from instant cheap clothing to more ethical and environmentally-friendly couture.

A great quote from student Nica Robinowitz:

“When people think about design, they sometimes isolate it into one little step,” said Rabinowitz. “They’re not thinking about the manufacturing, or the farm where fabrics came from, and then what’s the process – it got woven, or crocheted, and then thinking about what happens after a customer buys it. How are they going to wear it, how will it wear over time, should I design it so it’s designed for wear over time, or should I put holes in it already. We have to be thinking about the whole system.”

Read the full article here. Photos from Rachel Singer.