Urban design faculty member, Aurash Khawarzad, has partnered with Tomorrow Lab, to develop a device and open platform for traffic counting.

“WayCount is a platform for crowdsourcing massive amounts of near real-time automobile and bicycle traffic data from a nodal network of inexpensive hardware devices. WayCount was created with the belief that when we collectively gather and share traffic count data, together we can create a leap in understanding the movement patterns of automobiles and bicycles worldwide. As a result, we can positively influence transportation design decisions and create better cities.The WayCount device works like other traffic counters, but has two key differences: lower cost and open data. At 1/5th price of the least expensive comparable product, the WayCount device is affordable. The WayCount Data Uploader allows you to seamlessly upload and map your latest traffic count data, making it instantly available to anyone online. WayCount measures and records the following four parameters:

1. The quantity of automobiles and bicycles
2. The length of time that the counter was deployed (minutes)
3. The average rate of automobiles and bicycles (qty per hour)
4. The average speed of automobiles and bicycles (miles per hour)

“There’s been a lot of conversation about smart cities, and it’s all focused on these big systems that people don’t have access to,” says Khawarzad. “This is something that people can access and make use of right away.”

For more on Way Count, click here.