Project: Santa Cruz Visible
Students: Alexander Castillo-Kesper, Sabrina Dorsainvil, Lara Furtado, Troy Hallisey, Cristina Handal, Jonathan LaPalme, Luisa Munera, Aubrey Murdock, Joel Stein, Andrew Tucker, Anze Zadel
Faculty: Quilian Riano and Alessandro Angelini
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This book documents the work from Santa Cruz Visible, a Spring 2013 studio offered at the Design and Urban Ecologies program at Parsons, The New School for Design co- taught by anthropologist Alessandro Angelini and architect Quilian Riano. This studio is the first in a series of collaborations with community organization Corporación Cultural Nuestra Gente (Casa Amarilla), situated in Comuna Santa Cruz — a neighborhood in the north of Medellín — and URBAM, an urban studies program from EAFIT University.

We developed a studio curriculum around research and community engagement with the potential of creating self-sustaining improvements in economic and socio-spatial dimensions of the city of Medellin. We framed our investigations within the mission of Nuestra Gente’s Community Development Project (Comuna 2): “Strengthen the social fabric in Comuna 2, Santa Cruz, by promoting existing collective community leadership and support and contribution to the emergence of new leadership groups, based on community participation, solidarity, equity and advocacy, projecting the Commune to the city and to the world.”

In the initial phase of the project the team engaged in developing community relationships and commence exhaustive research of Santa Cruz and surrounding areas. In April 2013, the team also conducted field research to confront the realities that condition the city, experience the sites to be intervened and to reinforce the participative dialogue of all project participants.