O.Studio is a research, advisory and project leadership unit that builds innovation opportunities in situations of economic and social change in local settings globally. Co-founded by SDS faculty Reina Arakji, Carlos Texeira and Christian Schneider, O.Studio benefits from the school’s leading intellectual community and industry connections in the design and organizational management fields.

O.Studio engages with projects that grow organically from students’ exploration of new applications of design thinking tools. Students design interventions for real world scenarios and create social an technological innovation in urban and organizational settings. Adopting a non-competitive approach, O.Studio provides in-house expertise and connects project partners, when needed, with agencies from within its vast network. O.Studio also organizes academic and professional events to further the strategic design discourse and collaboratively build its open repository of knowledge.

Expertise Connection (Community)
O.Studio links a diverse community of experts and global thought leaders in a network focused on furthering the strategic design discourse. By organizing academic and professional conferences and  symposia, hosting workshops and publishing scholarly articles, O.Studio  adds vision and perspectives to the discipline and collaboratively builds its open repository of knowledge.

Studio Exploration
O.Studio leverages its affiliation with Parsons and The New School’s  academic programs by guiding its students, of diverse cultural and  professional backgrounds, to explore new applications of design thinking  tools within and beyond the traditional boundaries of the design  disciplines. Students design interventions for real world scenarios and  create social and technological innovation opportunities for urban and  organizational settings.

Real World Application (Consulting)
O.Studio’s consulting projects grow organically from Studio  Exploration. Adopting a non-competitive approach by providing in-house expertise as well as connecting clients to agencies from within its vast network, O.Studio effectively acts to build junctions that uphold clients’ best interest.

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