This animation, presented at the United Nations Congress of the Parties 17th conference in Durban, South Africa, was the highlight of a presentation by the World Bank about the importance of promoting resilence to climate change for poor farmers in developing countries. After being presented with a set of complex studies on insurance programs for farmers facing the effects of climate change, a collaboratively-created narrative was translated into script form for the creation of an animation. The story of Emebet, a farmer facing a drought and struggling to feed her children, presents index insurance — one of the main concepts being explored by the Bank — as a tangible story involving a human being. The animation, a website, and a set of printed materials will be used to convince diplomats and world leaders that a serious study must be undertaken in order to make the best use of government, donor, and NGO funding to aid those facing the most apparent and devastating effects of our changing climate.

World Bank Studio – Fall 2011

Professor: Mathan Ratinam

Students: Jennifer Meyer, Maggie Ollove, Cristoba Oltra, Bridget Sheerin, Rashid Owoyele, Christopher Patten, Bernd Reidel, Shahrzad Salemi, Emily Tezner