by Jennifer Meyer

“Flocks” focuses on the challenge of rethinking the future of urban mobility systems. The proposal understands that the bike system can play an important role on the public transportation network, integrating means and expanding the existing system.

To promote consistent change through design the proposal tackles social capital as a mean to enable this multimodal system and create opportunities for new sustainable lifestyles and behaviors that transform the urban experience.

“Flocks” proposal is a peer-to-peer mentorship program that joins members of an institution together, so that they can help each other start commuting by bike reducing the fear of New York streets. The hypotheses supports the idea that a generation that cycles is more likely to continue to use the bike as a mean of transportation. It considers that every bike commuter can help two other individuals to change their behavior, raising the number of commuters in geometric progression. For that reason the idea is to join the existing efforts at The New School to create a range of incentives that together build a platform to promote cycling.