Students from various undergraduate programs including the BS in Urban Design, BFA in Integrated Design and the BA in Environmental Studies, joined forces with the Milano Finance Lab and traveled to Warren Ohio.

Together, the Integral City Studio made a frigid weekend visit to the small city of Warren, Ohio.  The town was  once dependent on the steel industry and is now left with few job opportunities, leading to the abandonment and demolition of many homes. New School students will collaboratively research how to utilize these vacant spaces to bring community liveliness to the area year-round.

The Parsons-Milano team ventured out on a walking tour of Warren’s snow-covered community green spaces, explored the abandoned downtown Robins Theatre, and hosted an afternoon of engagement and visioning exercises with local residents. In collaboration with Warren community partners, students will spend the rest of the semester designing responses that address Warren’s greatest problems. They will return to Ohio at the end of the semester to present their work to city officials and community organizers.

Media Coverage:

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