“For many of my classes, I have used project based learning methods, using live cases (external partners) to expand on concepts to ground the theory in practical terms. I often use a studio structure and the collaborative experience, grouping students in teams to challenge them and foster co-creation; applying the design process and creative process into most subject matter whether it has been Marketing, Portfolio or Studio. I also reenforce this with guest speakers from industry and relevant field trips.”

Rhea is an Alumna, Assistant Professor and Co-director of the MS in Strategic Design & Management Program at the School of Design Strategies (SDS). She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in marketing, portfolio design, integrative studio, management and strategic design. Her research interests include the convergence of innovation, entrepreneurship, product and service design and sustainable business models. Currently she is involved in projects focusing on the impact design thinking has on startups, entrepreneurship, technology and the new economy will have on academia and traditional business models, the relationship between startup culture and resilience thinking and the fusion of design thinking with business rationale. Rhea is a multidisciplinary designer, serial entrepreneur, advisor to startups and consultant for NGO’s in the international economic development sector working with SME’s and artisans and she recently launched Parsons Entrepreneurs Lab.


“I am interested in the intersections between urban ecology, consumerism, education and how design thinking and strategy can facilitate the creation of more effective, resilient, tolerant and sustainable systems.”


  • Marketing
  • Senior Portfolio
  • Integrative Studio 1 (online and on campus)


  • Parsons Alum ’97




Photo Courtesy of: Green House of Fashion